Participate? Get to know the Dutch language and society!

What does this letter say?
What does the gentleman behind the counter say?
How do I say what I mean?
Did I write my e-mail in correct Dutch?
What kind of training do I need for that particular job?

Want to learn Dutch or integrate in the Netherlands? We like to help you!

Who are we?

Since 1989 Nieuwland offers services for people to participate in the Dutch society. Whether it is about increasing or maintaining self-relience, a meaningful filling of the day, learning the Dutch language or finding or keeping a job.

Our services, we have classified

  • Work; reintegration, job coaching and outplacement
  • Language; Dutch as a second language, integration and exam
  • Care; individual counseling, day activities and social activation.

Since 2004 we have been active in the field of Language and Integration. Over the years we have successfully executed large and small projects for municipalities and individuals. We work with small groups, where you work at your own pace, focusing on the goal you want to achieve. You will be taught by an experienced and professional instructor. Also, we see that students learn from each other. Therefore, there is much attention for interaction with fellow students during class.