During this course you will learn at your own pace and on your own level, the letters of the Latin alphabet, from A to Z.
Furthermore, you will learn to read and write simple words and phrases.
You will also practice speaking skills by performing tasks of everyday situations.

This course aims to achieve level A1 reading skills, listening, speaking and writing.

When you have completed the process and thereby level A1 has been reached, you will be able to:

  • Familiar words, names and understand very simple sentences. Think for example of an ad text in an advertising brochure.
  • understand basic phrases and familiar words that have to do with your immediate living conditions. It is important that you speak clearly and slowly.
  • Participate in a simple way, for example, the neighbor about the weather, which is spoken slowly and familiar words are used.
  • A simple and short email or card to write to a friend in which, for example, shows how it goes with you.

If you have achieved this level, you can move on to the integration process in preparation for the integration examination.