If you want to enroll in a language or integration course, please request an interview. This is free of charge.

You can contact us at this telephone number: 088-6438952, by an e-mail to or by filling out the contact form on this site. read more

The implementation of a language or integration course is customized and depends on your needs, abilities and level. The training programs usually includes 2 or 3 lessons per week. A lesson lasts 3 hours. Other variants are possible in concert. read more

Loan DUO
If you are unable to pay for the course and exam, there is a possibility to borrow money from DUO (DUO). read more

Arrangements and costs
When the contract is signed, you can start your course or training. In the contract you will find the agreements on the content of the course, the contract period, the number of hours, the costs, yout rights and obligations and conditions to dissolution. read more