Exam means that you receive personal guidance from a teacher with specific tests. The number of required hours of counseling depends on your question and how much effort you have one or more tests. There will be made an offer customized proposal.

There are several reasons why Exam possible useful to you.

  • If you already reasonable command of the Dutch language and want to practice only for the exams, you can. The teacher lets you practice exams as you find them in the actual exam. If there are specific tests where you have difficulty, you will be helping them.
  • It may be that the course will cost you effort and the preparation requires extra attention to the civic or state exam. Then it is possible to do additional exercises along with the teacher to prepare for the civic or state exam. You will also receive support in the parts where you qualms.
  • You may have not achieved any of the tests. Then you can with tutor support oriented practice of the tests that you have not achieved. For example, when the component Talking has not achieved. There will be practiced including giving answers to questions and speaking coherent sentences.