Low literacy

For people who have problems with reading and writing, we offer a curus illiteracy to.

This course is for low-literate Dutch. There are native Dutch referred to it: people who were born in the Netherlands and no difficulty speaking and listening have, but have difficulty reading and writing.

Resident who is not born in the Netherlands or people who want to develop the Dutch language, we offer other courses, such as literacy training and integration.

This course focuses on everyday situations. Also numeracy are addressed.
The course is practiced reading and writing skills, such as:

  • filling out forms;
  • reading instructions and regulations;
  • writing short letters;
  • numeracy and the use of a calculator;
  • extracting the correct information from messages by radio, television and the Internet;
  • oral and describe people, places and things in writing;
  • holding a short presentation or telling a story prepared.