State Examination

A diploma in Dutch as a second language is important if you want to work or study in the Netherlands. If you want to go study after the language course, you should ask the school you want to go to for advice. The school can tell you which sort of diploma you need to study there.

To get the NT2 diploma, you have to do the so called State exam.

There are two programs that can prepare you for this exam.

You can choose:

Program I (to language level B1)
You choose this program if you want to do a specific line of work. Or if you want to follow a vocational training at level 3 or 4.
Program II (to language level B2)
You choose this program if you want to study at college or university, or if you want a job at that level.

Both programs consist of four tests: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Also, you can do the State exam to integrate or for your naturalization as a Dutch citizen.

When you want to do the State examen because of integration, you must also pass the exam section Guidance on the Dutch Labour (ONA).