The intensity of a language or integration course is customized and depending on your needs, abilities and level. Usually training programs are provided from two or three classes per week. A lesson lasts 3 hours. In concert are also possible other variants.

We work with units of 10 lessons. Depending on the goal you want to achieve, for example, 10, 20, 40 or 60 lessons are followed. Tutorial in combination with the course is possible. For example, using the computer. We go out of classroom but differentiated education. This means that you will be taught along with fellow students, but also follow your own path. Our experienced instructors will guide you in this. Next group is also possible to get individual instruction from a teacher. This is in addition to or instead of group lessons.

During individual classes all attention to you. There the components can be worked then directed you want to develop or where you qualms. Individual classes are offered on an hourly basis. We are not tied to one kind of teaching materials and methods, but use the various offerings that are present. Not every student will benefit from the same method. There are also computers available during class where use can be made, for example to do practice exams or practice specific parts where you are having difficulty with.